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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting Started

Well, here I go...... I quit my day job and am venturing into the world of 'small business'. I know, I know...In this economy small businesses never pan out. Well, first of all I don't live and breath in the literal world of states of the economy. I tried, I tried for a good long time. I just cant work for a corporation. My mode of survival is, "Make something, sell it".
I quit my job a few days before Christmas and I've been sewing my ass off ever since. If I could sell all the plush pet and dolls I've made since Christmas, I would have just over a thousand dollars. About one hundred in supplies. So now all I have to do is find ways of selling. I've started my "etsy shop". I'm planning on selling at Occidental Square February 4th and I'm waiting for a craft table at Pike Place Market. Well..that feels good to write it all down. I have been busy. And you know what, I've been having allot of fun. I'm totally broke and jonesing for more supplies but I'm o.k.
I'm going to keep this blog going to track my journey into the Plush World.